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Hi, We're the East Coast Wine Geeks. We come from a variety of business backgrounds, but come Friday night, we use our time and talent to taste and review wines, eat good food and provide a running commentary on the state of the world. We're  a bunch of geeks from a small town in Western Pennsylvania, not professional wine critics. In fact it is rare that we find much to criticize at all--drinking most wines is better than drinking no wine at all! We have been tasting and pairing wines for 10 years now, though, so some may be interested in our findings. Check out our podcast and blog for some undiscovered wines, food pairings and recipes.
Wine Kiosk Vs. State Store. 

In this ECWG special video, The Geeks test the convenience factor of the new wine kiosks cropping up at grocery stores in PA, with hilarious results!